Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blogging Art

With President-elect Obama in the wings, I realized 2008 was my first national election without a major health exacerbation, a nervous breakdown or even just screaming at the TV with my hair on fire. We did it! Il-hamdul'Allah.

I'm attributing much of my new, peaceful and hopeful state of mind to my ability to get out into the studio once again. La Luz, my caregiver for the past 18 months, has enabled me to work. (May God protect and keep her always.) And it feels fabulous to know that there is life after politics -- I'm not condemned to live my last days as a news junky. So I've started an art blog.

The Last Shrine to Our Ladies of the Orange Barrel
(c) Francine Russelle 2007
20" x 14" x 7" crate, mixed media

I created six smaller versions of the Orange Barrel shrines when I first moved to New Mexico in 1995. Five were sold and one was given to then Governor Gary Johnson after showing at the juried "Vehicle" exhibit at Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos in 1998.

Last year I sold the Geo Metro. I'd come to grips with the fact that I would never drive again. The little car had served me well but was sitting in the driveway for three years, insured, registered and unused. There was three-year old gas in the tank and I was still paying for Auto Club membership! Removing the license plate inspired this piece ... an homage to my driving days rather than a shrine to the loss of a piece of my independence.

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